Elizabeth Schechter


The Digital Marketing Associate | 30 Under 30 Class of 2019 

"I learned from an early age that with a little effort I could make a difference."


Elizabeth started at Response Media as an intern because she thought she might like to pursue a career in advertising. During her internship, she realized digital advertising was a great career fit, and after graduation, Response Media offered Elizabeth a fulltime job. She accepted and 10 months later earned a promotion. “Making an effort to go above and beyond what was expected of me impressed my company enough to promote me,” Elizabeth shared. Last summer, with only two years of full-time employment, she was promoted again.

For sisters who are looking to be hired by the companies they intern for, Elizabeth recommends transparency. “Don’t be afraid to be honest about wanting to be hired full-time and ask your boss how you can demonstrate how you would be a valuable full-time employee during your internship.”


Why do you love what you do?

Digital advertising has been a great fit for me because it favors many of my strengths but also is something I genuinely find interesting. I have an acumen for quantitative work but also a strong sense of creativity as well. Digital advertising is very data driven but also requires a great deal of understanding of who to reach and the best creative approach to do so. I also have been very fortunate to have a boss who respects and cares about me but also challenges me to ask questions and grow. A huge component of enjoying your job is not just enjoying the work but feeling happy and supported by the colleagues around you.


How did you discover your passion for your job?

I discovered my passion at my first client visit. I enjoyed all of the prep work I put into the meeting but being able to see executives at a top company value the work I did and recognize its impact to their strategic goals brought me pride. It is one thing to enjoy the work I do but the emotional response of seeing the impact it makes fuels my passion for my job.


How do you define success?

I would define success as achieving your personal goals and having a clear path to continue to move forward. It is great to achieve your goals but I also believe to be successful is to make sure you are not becoming complacent and continually looking for ways to strive to make even more of an impact.


What motivates you?

I would say I am most motivated by positive feedback from my colleagues and clients at work. Digital advertising is very data driven so I enjoy being able to measure the success of campaigns I work on and beat historical benchmarks or past results as well.  


Did you know you wanted to work at Response Media full-time when you were interning there?

I actually wanted to pursue public health all of college but started to change my mind very last minute junior year! Internships are a great way to help shape what you want to do, so I applied to a few different companies and accepted my offer from Response Media. I chose Response Media because I thought I might like advertising but was still unsure of what I wanted to do. As I spent more time there, I realized digital advertising was a great career fit for me because it combined my skills and interests.


What did you do to prove yourself as a valuable part of the team?

I took leadership on the accounts I worked on by not just executing my work well but looking for ways to make improvements to overall campaigns. I eagerly researched ways to improve results, conducted tests and dug into the campaign statistics to exceed benchmarks for my accounts.


Where did you grow up?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Who is your role model?

My mom.


Where do you live now?

Atlanta, Georgia.


What are four things you can't live without?

My morning coffee, phone, a perfect fitting pair of jeans and my cat.

How did you get promoted within 10 months? Did you ask for the promotion?

Making an effort to go above and beyond what was expected of me impressed my company enough to promote me. Even though I was an associate on my accounts, I jumped in and proved the leadership skills deserving of an account manager role. I did not ask for a promotion. I was promoted at my annual review.


What advice do you have for sisters who are looking to be hired on full-time with their internships?

I would definitely recommend being transparent about your goals upon acceptance of an internship and discuss potential timing of when to be hired full-time. You want to make sure the company you are interning for is interested and has the resources to hire on interns as full-time employees. Don’t be afraid to be honest about wanting to be hired full-time and ask your boss how you can demonstrate how you would be a valuable full-time employee during your internship. This will give you a framework for how you can prove yourself to your employer and will give you leverage to discuss full-time employment in the future if you have accomplished the goals set for you.


How do follow digital marketing trends and stay up-to-date with your own marketing efforts?

I’m a member of the American Marketing Association’s (AMA) Atlanta chapter so I learn about new digital marketing trends at AMA’s education events and through networking with other members. I also subscribe to digital marketing newsletters, attend educational webinars and conferences and read marketing news online.


Why did you choose to volunteer with the Emerging Leaders Network?

I have always been very involved in volunteering and was seeking an opportunity to do so when I graduated college. I had donated some home items to Chris 180 when I moved out of my college dorm so I found myself on their website and saw they were recruiting for the Emerging Leaders Network, a brand new young professionals group that aimed to support homeless youth programs. I attended a recruitment event and loved the cause and other members, so I decided to join. I just started my third year serving on the Emerging Leaders Network and am now leading it as one of the chairs on the leadership committee.


Why is volunteering important to you?

My parents are incredibly involved with volunteering as well and made an effort to show me the importance of giving back at an early age. As a child, they would make me save a portion of my allowance each week to give back to others through things like buying food for a canned food drive or shopping for Angel Tree gifts during the holidays. We used to deliver Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts as a family every year and when I got older, I started volunteering regularly on my own. I learned from an early age that with a little effort I could make a difference in other peoples’ lives and that it brought me a sense of joy and purpose. 


You clearly have a passion for helping at-risk youth. When did you discover you wanted to help this group of people and why?

My parents were involved with serving kids in foster care growing up so I grew up learning how fortunate I was to have a family and that other children were not so lucky. I owe my accomplishments to growing up with the emotional and financial support of my family and can’t imagine being here without them. I believe every child deserves a chance to succeed in life and can with the right support in his or her life. I especially care about helping at-risk youth because many of them do not have the privilege of growing up in a supportive family. Nonprofits like Chris 180 change the lives of at-risk youth by giving them a “hand-up” with the tools and emotional support they need to succeed and achieve their goals.

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